Barron’s AP Psychology Flash Cards Quizlet (500 Terms)

AP Exam Information:

100 Questions Multiple Choice (67% of grade) – 1 hour 10 minutes

2 Questions Free Response (33% of grade) with 3-6 bullet-point “subquestions” each – 50 minutes

1-5 scoring scale – 3 is almost always the “pass” threshold

Released AP Free Response Questions 1999-2018 – along with sample responses, and grading rubrics

AP Scoring Thresholds from 2004, 2007, 2014, 2016, 2017

Free Response Question Tips

  • YOU MUST reference the story (e.g. if the story talks about “Sarah”, you MUST reference how the term affects SARAH – a definition by itself will give you exactly zero points)
  • YOU MUST write in complete sentences
  • It’s a good idea to define the term in your first sentence. THIS WILL NOT GET YOU THE POINT, but it’s still a good idea. Use your next sentence(s) to refer the term back to the story
  • Split your points into paragraphs based on which question you are answering. Technically, you can write your entire essay as one run-on-paragraph, but this will make it harder for the graders to give you points.
  • Underline the word from the question you are using. This isn’t necessary, but does make it easier for the readers to give you points.