Social Psychology Quizlet

Part 1 (Persuasion)

Day 1 Part 1 (Elaboration Likelihood Model)

(1) Watch the lecture video

(2) Complete the Google Drive response

Day 1 Part 1 (Elaboration Likelihood Model)

Day 1 Part 1 Google Form

Day 1 Part 2 (Magazine Activity)

(1) Watch YouTube instructional video

(2) Open link to 2016 WIRED magazine PDF

(3) Following the instructions from the YouTube video, answer the questions on the Google Drive Form using the magazine PDF

Wired Magazine Archive

Day 1 Part 2 Google Form

Day 2 Part 1 (Types of Peripheral Persuasion)

(1) Watch the YouTube lecture video

(2) Open the peripheral persuasion handout

(3) Using the video and handout, complete the “types of peripheral persuasion” worksheet

Day 2 Part 2 (Advertising Project)

(1) Watch the instructional YouTube video

(2) Upload 30 second commercial script using ALL SIX of the types of persuasion (you can upload a document of the written script or write it out and take a picture of the paper)

(3) Upload EITHER a video of the script being acted, OR a drawn advertisement using FIVE out of the SIX types of persuasion (you can omit one of the types for this project)