Milgram Experiment

(1) Open the NOTES sheet to define terms and take notes (“Unit 2 Day 1 Part 1.pdf”)

(2) Watch the BEFORE Milgram Video (“Milgram Setup”)

(3) Watch the Milgram Experiment Video (“The Heist”) ONLY THROUGH 9 MINUTES

(4) Watch the AFTER Milgram Video (“After Milgram”)

(5) Complete the Google Form (“Unit 2 Day 1 Part 1 (Milgram Experiment)”)

Milgram Google Form

Stanford Prison / Asch Line

(1) Open the Notes/Terms sheet (“Unit 2 Day 1 Part 2 Notes and Terms”)

(2) Watch the YouTube video (“Conformity Day 1 Part 2 (Zimbardo Prison and Asch)”)

(3) Fill out the Google Form

Stanford Prison / Asch Line Google Form

Bystander Effect / Types of Groups

(1) Open Terms/Notes Sheet and fill out

(2) Watch Lecture YouTube video (“Unit 2 Day 2 Part 1”)

(3) Fill Out Google Form

Bystander Effect and Types of Conformity Google Form

Norms and Project

(1) Open and complete the Terms/Notes sheet (“Unit 2 Day 2 Part 2 Terms/Notes (Norms)”)

(2) Watch the YouTube lecture and explanation video (“Unit 2 Day 2 Part 2”)

(3) Complete the Google Form

(4) Using the instructions from the document and YouTube video, attach your “recording” from your norms project (either video or text file) documenting your norm-breaking.

Norms Google Form