Implicit / Explicit Prejudice

(1) Open the Terms/Notes sheet

(2) Watch the YouTube lecture

(3) Watch the WWYD “Bike Thief” Episode

(4) Complete the Google Form

Prejudice Google Form

Implicit Association Test / Prejudice Terms

(1) Open the Terms sheet

(2) Watch the Lecture video

(3) Take the Implicit Association test from

(4) Complete the Google Form

Harvard Implicit Association Test

Prejudice and Inequality Google Form

Prejudice Experiments

(1) Open the Terms / Notes Sheet

(2) Watch the Genheimer Setup video for the Jane Elliott video

(3) Watch the Jane Elliott Blue/Brown Eyes experiment

(4) Complete the Google Form

Prejudice Experiments Google Form

Fundamental Attribution Error, Mere Exposure, Affirmative Action

(1) Open and fill out the terms and notes sheet

(2) Watch the Genheimer Lecture video

(3) Watch the “Nutshell History” video explaining affirmative action (optional)

(4) Complete the Google Form

Prejudice Part 4 Google Form