Sensation and Perception Quizlet

Unit 3: Sensation and Perception Review

Look at the “plus” sign in the image above – do you see a GREEN dot? there is no green, you see this because of the opponent process theory of color vision, which causes afterimages from cone fatigue. Keep looking at the plus sign, do you STOP seeing purple? This relates to sensory adaptation.

Spinning Dancer Depth Illusion

Is the woman spinning clockwise or counterclockwise? She can be spinning either way. Because she is colored in all black, we are not able to use the monocular depth cue of INTERPOSITION. Or in other words, when one leg is in “front” of the other leg, we can’t be sure which is truly in front and which is “behind”.

If you can only see her moving one direction, here’s a link to a “cheat” image, which will help you see her turn the other way –> Colored Legs